Can You Guess Whether These ‘The Bachelor’ Contestants Are More Terrified Of Diarrhea Or Silence?

The Bachelor is returning January 5th with a whole new crop of air-headed women with gigs that Jimmy Kimmel describes as “jobs a Barbie doll would have had in the ’60s,” and the ladies’ bios are now all up on The Bachelor’s website. One interesting thing that Kimmel’s team noticed about the bios: an overwhelming number of women chose “diarrhea” or “silence” as their “biggest date fear.” No, really. I even looked it up. Anyway, it was ripe for one of his audience participation games, so watch as the Jimmy Kimmel Live crowd tries to guess each contestant’s biggest date fear: diarrhea or silence.

By the way — I totally get it, ladies. There are not many things scarier than public diarrhea, especially when you’re on a date with a sexy farmer on TV. Might I suggest just avoiding eating anything that might “give you the di-di” in the first place?