Jimmy Kimmel Has Again Tricked Concertgoers Into Praising Non-Existent Bands

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10.10.13 3 Comments

Lost among Jimmy Kimmel‘s stacked show last night (which featured the surprisingly subdued Kanye West airing of grievances and a fantastic musicians-only Mean Tweets segment) was yet another masterclass in the art of trolling horrible people.

In what was essentially a sequel to the brilliant bit in which he sent a correspondent to make asses out of Coachella attendees, Kimmel had an interviewer visit the Rock the Bells festival and get vapid attendees’ opinions about non-existent bands with increasingly ridiculous names.

Warm up your cringe muscles before watching the segment below, in which concertgoers are magically able to conjure up specific opinions about artists named after Harry Potter characters, healthy dessert alternatives, Jewish holidays, and of course, Breaking Bad characters. (If one of these fake acts was worthy of praise sound-unheard, “Walter White featuring Meth” was definitely it.)

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