Jimmy Kimmel Mocked How Trump Used Rush Limbaugh’s Death To Whine About The Election On Fox News

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh died on Wednesday, leaving behind a complicated legacy. You had people like Ben Shapiro calling him an “iconic” voice, while others pointed out that it’s tempting to “treat Rush Limbaugh with the same dignity, respect, and humanity as he showed to rape victims, Michael J. Fox, Sandra Fluke, Iraq War veterans, refugees, and the victims of mosque shootings.” Even Donald Trump broke his radio silence to call into Fox News for the first time since he left the White House in January to mourn his friend — and whine about the election.

“After 27 days in hiding, Trump called into Fox News today to talk about his friend Rush Limbaugh who died. And what a beautiful tribute it was,” Jimmy Kimmel said, dripping with sarcasm, at the beginning of Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Trump said Limbaugh “thought we won, and so do I. I think we won substantially… He thought it was over at 10:00; 10:30, it was over. A lot of other people feel that way, but Rush felt that way strongly.” This is somehow a worst tribute than “rest in piss” trending on Twitter.

“Anyway, who died again?” Kimmel joked after playing Trump’s sound clip. “There’s no ‘I’ in eulogy, Don.” He also pointed out that Fox News crew “did everything possible to tee him up to talk about Rush, but somehow, it kept coming back to the election that he still thinks he won. Well, I have to believe that listening to Trump blather on nonsensically about himself is what Rush would have wanted.” You can watch the clip above.