‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Sets Out To Learn If Young People Can Read An Analog Clock (They Can’t)

Among the many things that millenials have been accused of killing (American cheese, cursive writing, canned tuna, and bar soap, to name a few), will we soon have to add analog clocks and watches the list? You know, the circular things with the hands? That very well may be the case, according to the findings of Jimmy Kimmel, who aired a new edition of his segment, “Can You Do It?” on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Times have changed a lot over the last 30 years, even the way we tell time has changed,” Kimmel explained in the beginning of the segment. “When I was a kid, in school I’d have to tell time, they’d have the thing with all the clocks and you had to write in the time. But now we all just have phones and we just look at it and we know. And it made me wonder if young people even know how to read an old time clock anymore.”

As such, Kimmel sent a camera crew out onto Hollywood Boulevard to survey young people passing by, and true to form — at least those who made it to broadcast — definitely did not know how to read time on an analog clock. The whole thing can probably be best summed up by the very last young man, who incorrectly guessed the time to be “8:17” on a clock reading 3:41. (Did he not even know what time of day it was???)

He looked pretty proud of his answer until his expression when the cameraman asked, “A.M. or P.M.?” — which honestly, tells you everything you need to know about the experiment.