Jo Koy Seemed To Call All The Celebrities Who Didn’t Laugh At His Much-Mocked Golden Globes Monologue ‘Marshmallows’

Poor Jo Koy. Last Sunday the comic scored perhaps his most high-profile gig, delivering the opening monologue at this year’s Golden Globes. It didn’t go so hot. He angered the Swifties, though he later claimed he didn’t mean to. He said something sexist about Barbie, though director Greta Gerwig didn’t mind. It was widely seen as, at the very best, a subpar performance. How’s Koy taking it? Apparently not so well.

Per Variety, Koy was in Kasnas City for his first stand-up performance since that fateful night, where he seemed to use the audience as a theater full of therapists. After he entered to big applause, he told them, “This big hug that you gave me is all I need, swear to god. F*cking whirlwind, goddamn.”

He then not so subtly dragged his audience Sunday night, who at best gave him respectful chuckles.

“Lot a marshmallows, man,” he said. “They’re delicious, but goddamn, they’re soft. I just come from a different time. I see the changes that are happening. I get it, but goddamn, can we f*king laugh at ourselves?” As the audience howled, he doubled down, saying, “F*ck ‘em!”

Koy went on: “I got a feeling none of you motherfuckers watched it, and I’m kinda happy. Oh my god. It feels good to live in this country. We get to say what we want to say. Don’t be apologetic about it at all. Be able to…speak your mind.”

Incidentally, a sign outside the theater bore a curious message: “No heckling. You are interrupting the show for everyone. Just don’t do it. Hecklers will be removed from the venue.”

The Globes are no stranger to both controversy and to controversial hosts. Heck, Ricky Gervais hosted it five separate times, and the last time really didn’t even seem like he wanted to be there, not even as a joke.

(Via Variety)