UPROXX Live Q&A With Joelle Carter, ‘Justified’s’ Ava Crowder

It’s no secret that we here at UPROXX love Justified. And why the hell wouldn’t we? The show gives you just about everything you could ask for out of an hour of television: guns, drugs, great dialogue, good guys who are a little bad, bad guys who are a little good (and who occasionally quote everything from the Bible to legendary science fiction writers), bad guys who are really bad, characters who evolve from season to season, hookers, moonshine, and shotgun-toting female pimps who take absolutely zero crap from anyone. And for as much as we all love Raylan and Boyd, you could make a pretty good argument that Joelle Carter’s character, Ava Crowder, is at the dead center of it all.

So, given all that, we are beyond pleased that Joelle Carter has agreed to join us for a live Q&A this afternoon. Her character has evolved as much as any over the show’s three-plus seasons, going from (SPOILERS AHEAD, Y’ALL) a husband-murdering love-interest for Raylan to Boyd’s partner in both life and crime. During this time Ava has staked her claim as one of the strongest and most interesting characters on television, thanks in no small part to Carter’s portrayal. She kicks ass and takes names (although I imagine it’s also okay with her if you want to skip the name-taking part).

The discussion is scheduled to begin at 2PM EST, and will go for about an hour. Here are a couple of tips to help things run as smoothly as possible, as always: (1) Begin your questions to Joelle with “@Joelle” or “@Joelle Carter” to keep things organized and allow her to find your questions easily; (2) Feel free to load up ahead of time; and (3) Don’t get lippy unless you want a skillet to the dome.