The Actor Who Played Joffrey In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Returning To TV

The actor behind one of the most hated villains in TV history made his exit from Game of Thrones six years ago, and at the time it sounded like he was done with television altogether. That, apparently, is not the case, as he’s poised to make his small-screen comeback, this time in a BBC comedy.

Last week the BBC announced Jack Gleeson, who played the jerky royalty who came to cruelly rule Kings Landing on the HBO behemoth, will return to the small screen in a show called Out Of Her Mind. Per RTE:

The 27-year-old Cork-born actor will appear opposite Sara Pascoe in six-part BBC Two series Out of Her Mind.

Pascoe wrote the series and it is executive produced by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The cast also includes Riviera’s Juliet Stevenson, The Split’s Fiona Button, Doctor Foster’s Navin Chowdhry, Peep Show’s Cariad Lloyd and rapper Scroobius Pip.

As RTE points out the casting news is particularly notable because Gleeson openly considered retiring from acting following his Game of Thrones role, as he said he “stopped enjoying it.”

The outlet noted that Gleeson had appeared on stage in other roles since his time on Thrones ended in blood and poison. For one thing, he’s helped start the Collapsing Horse theatre company. There was also an in-ring appearance at an Irish wrestling show in Dublin against Irish wrestler J Money, but this new BBC comedy is notable because streaming fans will soon have a new way to welcome Gleeson back into their lives. Hopefully he’ll be more likable this time.