John Mulaney Embraces His ‘SNL’ Past In His Opening Monologue

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04.15.18 5 Comments

It felt a bit like John Mulaney was returning home during his opening monologue for SNL. While it’s the first time that he’s taking the stage as host, the comedian was a longtime writer for the sketch show, so he knows his way around better than most. While the announcer may have butchered his last name (Mulvaney?), Mulaney took it in stride.

Mulaney acknowledged his history as a writer and how surreal it felt to now be the host and then launched into a monologue that felt more like his stand up material (in a good way!). Leaning into his old-before-his-time persona, Mulaney railed against new music while praising his wife’s tough exterior. However, while acknowledging that he’s a bit old-fashioned, Mulaney joked about the futility of life on the “old days” and how everything is fast now and how it’s “totally unreasonable.” You’ll definitely think of his hilarious rhyme the next time you have to prove that you’re not a robot online.

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