John Oliver Uses His New ‘Last Week Tonight’ Promo To Quiz Larry David About The Comedian’s Long Hiatus

After a three-month hiatus in which President-elect Donald Trump has said and done plenty of silly things worthy of his scrutiny, comedian John Oliver is bringing Last Week Tonight back to HBO for a fourth season. The former Daily Show correspondent turned parody news show host dropped a new promo for the hugely popular weekly program on Wednesday. And judging by the premium network’s use of its own hit series and stars to help push Oliver along, it seems season four is going to be even better than what came before it.

Then again, judging by the seemingly endless slate of successful shows HBO pumps out every year, throwing in a bunch of obvious references to Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and the upcoming ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is simply good advertising. Even Oliver admits as much as he bickers with the teaser’s narrator about how his program isn’t the same as all the other ones the off-screen voice keeps trying to introduce. “Oh wait. Oh I’m sorry, you meant [someone else],” he says from behind the Iron Throne. “It’s just, I heard your voice and I assumed.”

HBO-patting-itself-on-the-back jokes notwithstanding, Oliver turns the tables on his final cut-in when the narrator begins announcing the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm with creator and star Larry David in tow. “Why have you been off for five years?” Oliver asks. “What have you been doing?” David’s response? “Things!”

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns Sunday, February 12th at 11:30 p.m. ET on HBO.