John Oliver Could Not Wait To Make Up For Missing Out On Lauren Boebert’s ‘Beetlejuice’ Scandal During The WGA Strike

Heck yeah, the late night shows are starting to return to the airwaves following the conclusion of the WGA strike. The still-hostless The Daily Show will return on October 16, but before then, we shall see Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyer, and Jimmy Fallon hit their respective stages. As well, Last Week Tonight roared into action this week, and guess who had a lot to catch up on regarding a certain Beetlejuice groping scandal?

That would be host John Oliver, of course. HBO’s merrily abrasive jester shelved the hoodie again to address the strike’s resolution and also deep-dive into prison health care, but he could not help but turn his attention to how Lauren Boebert fondled her Democrat Bar Guy in the middle of a crowded theater also attended by families.

Oliver attempted to quickly put the subject to rest by summing up the Boebert antics while he insisted, “I don’t want to get into that.” Oh, but he did.

Oliver tried to switch back to discussing Italian PM Giorgia Meloni, but he had to interrupt himself and get this out of his system: “It was Beetlejuice, by the way! That. Was. The. Musical.” The audience was clearly loving this diversion as well, and then Oliver went to town:

“Lauren Boebert was watching… [chuckles] it was a torrid production of Beetlejuice: The Musical. I just need you to know that. I’m not saying it would be appropriate to engage in high-school freshman-era hand stuff during a production of any musical. I just want to be clear, this wasn’t one of the more sexually explicit ones like Spring Awakening or Rocky Horror or Cats. This was Beetlejuice … I’m just saying, if you’re gonna get your nipples tweaked and your pipes squeaked, save that sh*t for Fiddler like a goddamn adult.”

It’s good to have John Oliver back. You can watch the clip below.