John Oliver’s Hoodie At The Emmys Was Worthy Of Its Own Award

Last Week Tonight won its fifth consecutive Best Variety Talk Series award at tonight’s Emmys, and host John Oliver pulled out the stops in the wardrobe department. Oliver exuded a nice blend of “virtual ceremony appropriate” and “awards ceremony” attire by staying casual-yet-formal in a plush-looking red hoodie. The results may make up for him neglecting to thank the object of his obsession, Adam Driver (who the host has described as both a “f*ckable redwood” and a “big unwashed buffalo”), during his short winner’s speech. The details often slip by during big moments, but he looked great.

Actually, the British comedian was keeping it real with a Liverpool F.C. sweatshirt, as fellow fans were quick to celebrate on Twitter. The confetti also provided a nice, festive touch in a time when we can sorely use some levity.

Oliver actually kept his speech pretty tame, by his own standards, though he did wonder why the ceremony is happening. He also spoke to the difficulty of not knowing how this was going over without live-audience feedback:

“Like Jimmy said at the start, it’s a little confusing as to why the Emmys are happening this year? I really hope people are enjoying them. It’s very hard to get a sense of if this is something people are enjoying or not, I guess I’ll look at Twitter later and get the answer.”

He kept it light, as people need to hear at an awards ceremony, and didn’t skewer anything. He did fervently hope (as we all do) that he can get back to speaking to a live audience as soon as possible. And since Oliver will definitely be on the air (unless the Earth explodes, which could always happen) for several years to come, that time will happen, sooner or later.