Jon Daly And Adam Scott To Confuse PGA Fans Even More With The ‘Adult Swim Golf Classic’

It was bound to happen eventually. Actually, that’s a complete lie on our part. It wasn’t bound to happen eventually, but we live in a blessed age where this insane fantasy has come true. Adam Scott (not the golfer) and Jon Daly (also not the golfer) will compete on a golf course for your amusement. Not only that, but they’ll be playing the linksmen who’s names they share. Have fun re-gluing your grandpa’s brain back together if he stumbles across this in your DVR.

Daly and Scott will square off in a half-hour special emblazoned with the straightforward title of the Adult Swim Golf Classic. The event will air on C-SPAN 2 Adult Swim on April 8th at 11:30pm. The special’s been in the works for a while now with plans for such a showdown revealed back in spring 2015.

What else can you expect from this cable offering? Here’s the scenario laid out by the network’s handy-dandy press release:

Professional golf champions John Daly and Adam Scott (as portrayed by professional actors Jon Daly and Adam Scott) go head to head in this televised charity golf championship, set in 1966. The competition is fierce, emotions are high, the charities are real, and both men are rarin’ to prove they’re king of the links. Created by Jon Daly, who also serves as executive producer. Starring Daly (Kroll Show, Zoolander 2) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), the half-hour live-action special is produced by Alive and Kicking Inc. and J.O.N.. Benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Save the Children.

That sounds nice. Charities benefit, fans of 60s golf aesthetics will benefit, comedy fans will benefit, people that like the word “rarin'” have already benefited. Consider us interested and we’ll just hang out on until the April airing rolls around.

(via Splitsider)