Even Jon Favreau Is Surprised ‘The Mandalorian’ Kept Its Biggest Season 2 Secret Quiet

If you still haven’t seen all of The Mandalorian and its most recent episode, this is where you stop reading this post and maybe head to Disney+ because, well, spoilers ahead. Because even though Jon Favreau is surprised that the show managed to keep its biggest Season 2 secret under wraps until the final episode started streaming last Friday, the text that follows will ruin said secret.

The rescue effort from Luke Skywalker in the season finale was a huge moment in Star Wars history, officially taking The Mandalorian from a show set in the Star Wars galaxy to one that involves some of its biggest heroes. And while Grogu now embarks on a path where he may or may not get mowed down by a fallen Jedi in the future, in the present Favreau is allowed to marvel that the show kept Skywalker showing up a surprise to fans.

Much like Mark Hamill did on Twitter, Favreau celebrated the improbable fact that the show managed to keep a CGI-ified Skywalker appearing on the show would cap the show’s final episode of the season. The Mandalorian showrunner appeared remotely on Good Morning America to talk about the show’s season finale, some Grogu holiday gear and, most importantly, what it was like to keep that whole Skywalker thing a secret for so long.

“It’s very hard to keep a secret nowadays, especially with Star Wars,” Favreau said. “Every piece of casting leaked, we were so scared right up until it aired that our surprise cameo was going to leak too.”

He’s right, roles like Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano and others managed to get out there this season, but Hamill returning to the Star Wars universe wasn’t anything that was reported with any real certainty despite all the people involved in de-aging the star and making that appearance a reality. It’s a testament to how big a reveal the moment was for the show that everyone decided to do their best to keep it quiet. And much like the debut of Baby Yoda in the first place, keeping the moment safe until the show started streaming is certainly a worth accomplishment in the modern entertainment era.