Jon Hamm Is Good At Everything, As Demonstrated By His 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments

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04.03.13 6 Comments

Jon Hamm didn’t become an object of internet affection overnight. It took years of Don Draper portrayal, not taking himself at all seriously, and perpetually going commando to make it happen. The guy has the humility that goes along with paying your dues and will now seemingly say yes to anything that sounds fun, so while I doubt he’s ever consciously attempting to bait the internet, he’s always baiting the internet, which is what makes him the Jon Hamm we’ve come to know and love. Got that?

So with Mad Men returning to our sets this week — OH HELL YEAH — and real-life Don Draper fresh off the only controversy worth being the center of, now feels like the right time to take a look back at all the Hamm-tastic stuff the internet hasn’t been able to resist in recent history.

SNL clearly mined the internet (something they should do more often) for inspiration for this glorious digital short. Jon Hamm ain’t care.

Jon Hamm assigning his own emotions to the already popular Emotions with Jon Hamm Tumblr? Classic Hamm.

Hamm portraying IRL Ace to Jimmy Fallon’s Gary got a few embeds.

Not everyone can pull off the look Jon Hamm did on 30 Rock’s live show/tribute to live television.

Chatting with Letterman about playing baseball in college, Hamm made a remark about catching pitches from Roger Clemens. This sent baseball nerds straight to the fact-checker, revealing Jon Hamm is way too young to have ever played at Texas with Clemens. Hamm later clarified to Deadspin. The Elias Bureau still has a moratorium on their employees watching Mad Men.

Everyone approved.

When you and Adam Scott make a parody of Simon & Simon people are going to watch. FACT.

The Hamminator went public with the opinion 90% of all intelligent, socially-conscious Americans share: being a dipsh*t on television has become a bankable commodity and that fact sucks. Mild controversy (and celebration) ensued despite the fact that it was cultural commentary and not strictly directed at Kardsashian. Hamm did not back down though. Hero.

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“Everybody Farts” – Jon Hamm

This could really be a four-parter but I prefer to keep all giant penis entries in one place. To recap: 1) Photographers caught an image (below) of casual Hamm that was, um, a bit revealing; 2) The internet noticed; 3) Everyone on the Mad Men set noticed; 4) Jon asked that we all stop talking about it; 5) No one did or ever will; 6) It now sucks to be Jon Hamm. THE END.

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