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Jon and Kate Gosselin, the stars of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” who have occupied tabloid covers for the last two months with rumors of their alleged affairs, are doing just fine.  By which I mean: they get paid $75,000 an episode, which over a 20-episode season translates to $1.5 million a year.  Us Magazine reports that the family needs the show to maintain its increasingly swanky lifestyle:

Kate, who grew up in a trailer park and didn’t go on her first airplane ride until her honeymoon to Disney World, now flies only first class for speaking engagements (mostly paid for by churches), sells signed photos of her kids for $20 a pop at appearances, and received a free tummy tuck after giving birth (Jon received a free hair transplant). A family source says while pregnant with the sextuplets, she grew “obsessed” with how many goodies the famed McCaughey septuplets received in 1997.

Jon, now a stay-at-home dad, was fired from his job at Style Craft Corp in 2004 after “spending much more time” on a “quest” for freebies than working, the company’s owner, David Rothermel, tells Us. (Rothermel finally has spoken out after growing furious at the couple’s well-worn claim that he was fired because the company didn’t want to insure his family.)

If you told me I could have $1.5 million a year, and the only catch is that I’d be married to Kate and we’d have eight kids, you wouldn’t be able to finish the sentence before I walked out of the room.  $30 million, and I’d think about.  If I could still have affairs.

(Full list of the Gosselins’ free swag from TLC after the jump.)

– Free beds

– Front-loader washing machines

– New furniture

– Free solar panels for “Going Green” episode

– Clothes from Gymboree and Gap

– Mady & Cara birthday at American Girl Place (2 dolls and birthday package for 2 adults & 2 kids): $710

– Trip to Florida Key’s for Jon’s 30th birthday

-Tickets to Dutch Wonderland amusement park: $309.50

-1/2 an organic cow from Natural Acres Farm: $1,395.00

-Tickets to Philadelphia Zoo: $104.00

-Tickets to Walt Disney World: $654.00 per day

– Utah house rental (estimate: $5,000), ski lift tickets $72 for six days), ski school lessons ($140 per child)

– Upright piano, which they got rid of when they moved into their new $1.1 million home : $5,550-$6,350

– Violin: $100-$300

– Old house re-carperted

-Crayola Factory Tour: $90.00

-Teeth Whitening (for Jon & Kate): $1,310 (average price for 2 adults)

-Hair plugs (Jon): $5,200 (average cost)

-Sesame Street Place tickets: $509.50

-Day with Thomas the Tank Engine: $180.00

-Beach trip to North Carolina, house rental, Jeep tour

-Sight & Sound Christian theatre tickets: $236.00

-SkyBox at Phillies game

-LegoLand tickets: $550.00

-San Diego Zoo tickets: $278.00

-Grand Wailea Resort (Hawaii) for 2008 vow renewal: Suites range from $725-$1,080 per night.

-2 purebred German Shepherd puppies: $1,000-$3,000 per dog

– Please Touch Museum tickets: $150.00

– Giants grocery store: $5,000 in gift cards and a year’s supply of diapers

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