Jon Stewart Took Donald Trump To Task For ‘Spraying His Name Jizz’ Across The Chicago Skyline

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06.18.14 9 Comments

Donald Trump is making (bigger-than-usual) headlines this month for plastering a gaudy “TRUMP” sign across his gaudy new building in Chicago, a move that has ignited feuds with mayor Rahm Emanuel and a Pulitzer prize-winning architecture journalist — not to mention fans of tastefulness everywhere.

Jon Stewart weighed in on the Trump vs. Chicago debacle on last night’s Daily Show. Stewart has memorably unloaded signature rants against both sides in the past — delivering a deep dish pizza beatdown against Chicago and outing Trump’s birth name (F*ckface Von Clownstick) come to mind — but you might be surprised who he sides with on this one. Trump’s gonna Trump, and Chicago should have been ready for it.

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