Jon Stewart Appears To Be Looking For Writers To Work On His Apple TV+ Show In An Unusual Place

Jon Stewart is new to Twitter, and yes, it’s 2021. One might guess that Hell has frozen over, but that might not be the best hyperbolic statement go make, given the U.S. is currently covered in snow and ice and resembles a Roland Emmerich movie. Stewart recently joined the platform to express fury over the GameStop/Robinhood stock fiasco, and he’s subsequently tweeted a handful of times, mostly jokes.

Now, the former The Daily Show host appears to be doing slightly more than having fun with his latest offering. “Has anyone seen my me packet?” Stewart tweeted.

The first thing on a lot of people’s minds was to wonder what the heck was happening.

Well, this probably has plenty to do with Stewart’s recently announced Apple TV+ show, for which he’ll do the current-affairs thing again for multiple seasons beginning sometime in 2021. The gifted satirist will likely not be able to resist amusing his viewers, even though the show (according to the Apple TV+ synopsis) “won’t have a nightly or even weekly cadence.”

As for the whole “packet” thing, he’s apparently asking Twitter users to offer up original jokes, which is standard practice for the late-night TV realm (writers who want to work for the show submit packets of sketches and/or provide impressions). People quickly picked up on what Jon was (likely) asking for, and they had a field day while alternately attempting and not attempting to impress him into throwing out some gigs. And yes, of course there was a John Mulaney joke in here. Also, “FULL METAL PACKET”!

People got a little carried away. Good for them! I hope someone here gets the gig.

Jon Stewart’s still-untitled Apple TV+ show should arrive in 2021.