Warm Your Halloween With This Adorable Video Of Jon Stewart Feeding Pumpkins To Pigs

Life & Culture Editor

If anyone was wondering what Jon Stewart’s doing now that he’s left The Daily Show, we’ve got confirmation that his life is dope and he does dope s*it (just like Kanye). This week, the former host and political commentator fed pigs some pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. The pigs probably don’t even know what holidays are (even though there’s talk of them being very smart), but they don’t need an excuse to go ham (sorry) on some gourdy goodness.

Watch these happy little porkers do what they do best while Jon Stewart watches them, pets them, and generally just shows us once again that life is worth living. If only because the piglets in this clip are pretty much the cutest things you’ve ever seen. (Fight me if you disagree.) And, just in case you were wondering what else Stewart’s doing lately, don’t worry, he’s been keeping busy: the guy won an Emmy and is converting a New Jersey farmhouse into an animal sanctuary.

(Via The Daily Squeal)

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