Jon Stewart: Why Are Conservatives So Obsessed With People Having Sex With Animals?

Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart was having some fun with the GOP’s efforts to rebrand itself and the struggle it’s having with the “bible thumpers” — the very people Bill O’Reilly has been railing against often of late — within the party when he noted an all too common theme inherent in many right-wingers arguments against gay marriage: that legalizing gay marriage will lead to goat f*ckers and the like seeking the same privileges.

“What is it with you people and the animal-fucking?” a bewildered Stewart yelled. “I don’t understand how your mind always goes there?!”

This meme, if you will, reached absurd levels this week when Rep. Louie Gohmert, arguably the dumbest person currently serving in Congress, actually proposed that there’s a direct link between gun control and bestiality. It’s like he was begging to be fileted on the Daily Show or something. If that was indeed the case, well, he got his wish.