Jon Stewart Takes On Toronto’s ‘Hard Drinking Crack Mayor’ Rob Ford

11.05.13 31 Comments

As far as I can tell, there are only two downsides to the whole Rob Ford fiasco:

1) The fact that there’s a gigantic buffoon with a serious to very serious substance abuse problem who routinely uses his political influence to attempt to cover up his misdeeds, best evinced by the controversy and conspiracy surrounding the infamous video of him smoking crack with drug dealers while making a number of racist and homophobic remarks (which the Toronto police now have in their possession), and he is currently — like, right now — in charge of the largest city in Canada.

2) The fact that this is happening (a) not in America, and (b) during a very busy, divisive period in American current affairs (what with your government shutdowns, and your NSA spying, and botched healthcare rollouts, and so on and so forth), because it means that Jon Stewart and the crew at The Daily Show haven’t been able to really hone in on it all to give it the attention it so richly deserves.

Luckily, the second issue was addressed last night, in glorious fashion, as Stewart let fly with all the crack-smoking, hard-drinking, fellatio-performing jokes he could fit into about 200 seconds. As for that first issue? Eh, give it a week or two.

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