Here’s Jonah Hill’s Hilarious Bill Hader-Leaving-‘SNL’ Bit From The Franco Roast, Because Why Not?

Editorial Director
01.25.14 4 Comments

OK, it’s a bit more than “why not?” You see, SNL has compiled this really web-friendly looking “best of” playlist for Jonah Hill’s previous hosting stints on their YouTube page, and I was planning to share some of the clips here because A) he was super chubby when he hosted back in ’07, and B) he’s hosting again tonight and it seemed like a nice reminder/preview/warm up for what’s to come.

Only problem is the videos on the SNL YouTube page aren’t available in my country, The United States, where the “New York” in “Live from New York!” resides. Apparently this is some counter-intuitive global play that I missed a couple months back. I mean, why would they want us priming their host tonight with convenient highlights from his last stint? What good could that do?

Anyway, enjoy the win Canada. They come few and far between around here. I invite everyone else to re-enjoy Jonah Hill’s Bill Hader bit from the Comedy Central James Franco Roast as it’s as close to a funny SNL-related Jonah Hill clip I can find. Also: F*ck You T-Mobile Money.

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