‘The Daily Show’ Star Jordan Klepper’s New Show ‘The Opposition’ Channels Alex Jones In Its First Trailer

08.23.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

The Jordan Klepper Solves Guns Comedy Central special in June may have been many audiences’ first introduction to the comedian’s solo work. Yet anyone familiar with Trevor Noah’s run as host of The Daily Show will already know Klepper as one of the program’s most outspoken (and tallest) correspondents, especially for his phenomenal work on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. So of course it makes sense that he is getting his own show at Comedy Central, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, which premieres Monday, September 25th after Noah’s nightly program.

In two separate short trailers, Klepper and Comedy Central introduce the new series as something that is “not mainstream, not establishment and not helping.” The first, which started running on the cable channel earlier this week, simply replays this slogan along with Klepper’s face and the show’s official logo in a quick 10-second burst. The second, however — which Variety premiered on Wednesday — presents viewers with an Infowars-like series of crazed diatribes that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones would be proud of.

“Attention couch soldiers,” Klepper addresses the camera. “They’re lying to you. The mainstream establishment has poisoned your mind. They saw we should investigate Trump. I say, ‘Impeach Hillary!’ They say global warming is made by man. I say, ‘Probably why we earn thirty cents more on the dollar.’ They say our children should learn Chinese. I saw, ‘China isn’t real!’ No one I know has, like, ever been there. And I know, like, a ton of people.”

(Via Variety)

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