Josh Charles Called A Devastated Retta From 'Parks And Rec' To Console Her After 'The Good Wife'

By now, you probably either know what happened on The Good Wife last Sunday, or you don’t care. It was one of those television events so big that, even if you don’t watch the show, news of it seeped into the popular consciousness. If you’ve somehow avoided it and want to know, read no further.

So the big shocking moment in the episode was that Josh Charles’ character, Will Gardner, was shot to death. I’m not gonna lie, either. It was harsh. It smarted. This was shocking in part because deaths of major characters don’t happen on The Good Wife, and because those of us who watched The Good Wife absolutely LOVE Will Gardner. It was kind of like killing off Ross in Friends. Or Chandler, because we actually like Chandler. And we had no warning. We weren’t prepared for it. We were f**king floored.

Among those of us floored was Retta from Parks and Recreation, who regularly tweets about The Good Wife. But at least she had someone there to console her. She had Josh Charles, who called her after the episode to console her. Actually, he ended up telling her everything actually wasn’t going to be OK, and that in fact, it’s only going to get worse.

Here’s Retta, in an interview with E!:

“Someone had DM’d Josh telling him he should get on Twitter because I was tweeting the last episode. He said he’d been concerned for me to watch the episode knowing how much I love the show and how I was so invested in it. He’s seen me lose my sh*t before over the follies of Willicia [Will Gardner and Alicia Florick, the two main characters]. After watching my tweets he called to say he was concerned. He [was] basically trying to console me cuz he knew I was a wreck.”

So sweet, right?! But ultimately, what Josh told Retta has put the poor “Willicia” shipper in yet another tailspin. “I had already poured myself a cocktail so I was well on my way to a post courtroom massacre buzz,” Retta explains. “I thought I’d feel better, but then he said next week’s episode is going to be worse, so I’m gonna need to pick up more vodka before Sunday. If the promo is ANY indication I may need some recommendations for a good shrink in the Hollywood area.”

If you haven’t seen the teaser for next week’s episode, well, yeah: It’s gonna be bad.

Just empty your liquor cabinets.

Source: E!