Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Supposedly ‘Blames Herself’ For Her Husband’s Infidelity

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Well, here is something predictable and gross! In the wake of the Josh Duggar cheating scandal, not only is Josh’s wife Anna going to stand by her man — which is fine, because not every marriage that experiences infidelity necessarily needs to end in divorce — but, according to sources associated with the Duggar family, she also considers herself partially to blame for her husband’s discrepancies.

How is that again? Oh yes, as is the Duggar way, a wife’s responsibility is to be available for sex whenever her husband feels the urge, regardless of whether or not she wants it. As such, it’s now being insinuated that Anna just plain didn’t put out enough.

The source said that there will be ‘some suggestion’ in the family household about whether Anna ‘should have been more aware of the pressures Josh was under’ and the ‘issues he was facing’.

It may be implied that she could have better counseled her husband of seven years, they said.

The insider did not elaborate on what these ‘pressures’ and ‘issues’ might be – but insisted that Anna and Josh will overcome the latest scandal and Jim Bob and Michelle ‘will be determined not to fail’.

If Anna has been adhering to her mother-in-law Michelle’s top marriage tip, she will have said ‘yes’ to sex whenever her husband has wished to have it – regardless of how tired she may have been.

If you’re wondering, there are some exceptions when a Duggar woman reportedly does not have to constantly act as a dick pincushion, either when she’s on her period or following giving birth; 80 days after the birth of a daughter, or 40 days after birth of a son, according to the Daily Mail. I have no idea why this family experiences so much dysfunction. (Via the Daily Mail)

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