Tony Hale And Timothy Simons Adorably Cheer On Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Recovery With A Katy Perry Song

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has quietly started to undergo breast cancer treatment after revealing in an Instagram post last month that she had been diagnosed with the disease that affects one in eight women. On Thursday she posted an update, having finished her second round of chemotherapy, writing that she is not [bleeping] around, adding the lyrics to Katy Perry’s “Roar” and thanking her Veep costars Tony Hale and Timothy Simons for their “hilarious and loving inspiration.”

It was unclear exactly what she meant by the “inspiration” at the time, however on Friday morning she posted another update, with a video that Hale and Simons had recorded for her. “How lucky am I that these bozos have my back?” she wrote. “What a moving inspiration to my day. I’ve watched it a gazillion times.”

In the video, Hale says, “My name is Tony, and I will be playing the role of Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” while Simons informs that he on the other hand, will be playing the role of cancer. The alter egos of Gary Walsh and Jonah Ryan then proceed to go into a full lip sync rendition of the hit song, complete with printed out lyrics of the main chorus. As sweet and funny as it is, it’s also difficult to get through the whole thing with a dry eye. What a lucky woman she is to have such incredible support of her friends and costars during this battle. The eye of the tiger, indeed.