Julianne Moore Reenacted Her Famous ‘Big Lebowski’ Scene For Tourists On ‘Billy On The Street’

Some of the more enjoyable episodes of Billy on the Street involve host Billy Eichner cluing famous people into the sad realization that few people recognize them in a civilian capacity. The Chris Pratt and Martin Short episodes highlighted this bittersweet goofiness quite well, and the stars reacted in stride. Yet not all celebrities go unrewarded in this way. People certainly recognized Julianne Moore in New York City as the show’s frenetic host organized a special set up for his latest TruTV episode.

Eichner led the charge as Moore reenacted some of her most famous scenes for tourists in Times Square. She did so under the guise of building up a tidy coin collection, but her talent was unbreakable even out of cinematic context. Moore performed stunning renditions of her characters in The Kids Are All Right and Magnolia. She cried on demand as Eichner called on some poor fellow to comfort the Academy Award-winning actress.

Yet when Moore stepped back into her Maude Lebowski shoes, things really got exciting. Surely, you know the speech, which Jennifer Lawrence recently delivered to applause. However, no one beats the original Maude, and Moore’s lusty delivery was still intact. Naked Cowboy who? Times Square will never be the same again.