Julie Bowen Was Gammy On Conan

11.12.10 9 Comments

Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” was on “Conan” last night, and apparently chose not to wear pants (clip here).  Yes, technically she was wearing shorts.  But she really brought the high level stems out.  As great as that was, however, the best part was that it allowed Conan to do one of my favorite bits of his shtick: the “ZOMG a pretty lady” routine.  He got flustered, jumped out of his chair, and announced “It’s so great to be on television again.”

Conan’s at his best when he’s all wound up like this.  And who can blame him.  Even if it’s just blatant TV flirting, I’d blow a gasket if the most beautiful women in the world came and sat down next to me every night.  Or any woman.  Any night.  I guess what I’m saying is… I’m lonely.  Ladies find desperation attractive, right?  And inhalers?  My mom said it shows character last night when she brought my dinner downstairs.  Nonono, I don’t live with my parents.  It’s an apartment in their house.  TOTALLY different.  I mean, I can put up any posters I want in here.  And Mom will give us privacy if I have company.  So… ladies…?  (*licks chapped lips sensually*)

Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, Conan.  Anyway, the best example of the excitement I’m talking about is after the jump — the time Rebecca Romijn kissed him and he destroyed the set.

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