Just The Tip: 12 Of The Most Sploosh-Tastic Moments On ‘Archer’

Archer further blurred the line between “cartoon characters” and “I’m feeling really terrible about myself for being attracted to a drawing” last week when Sterling, Lana, Pam, Krieger, and Barry showed up on Reddit Gone Wild. It’s a good thing Cheryl didn’t join them; otherwise, I’d be at my therapist’s office right now, and for the rest of this week. Hey, speaking of this week: ARCHER IS BACK ON FX TONIGHT AT 10 P.M. Splooshes all around.

To celebrate, let’s have a look at some of the ISIS staff’s most specific kinks and fetishes (this list could be nothing but Pam and Cheryl). After all, you can lie, but your boner can’t.

Cheryl — being choked

Cheryl — getting murdered

Krieger — homeless people

Krieger — nouns and verbs

Krieger — virtual girlfriends

Pam — Burt Reynolds: the movies

Pam — Burt Reynolds: the person

Pam — Lana’s fingers

Ray — his spacesuit

Sterling — his mom’s death?

Sterling — Lana shooting a gun in her lingerie, obviously

Sterling — killing pirates

All GIFs via F*ck Yeah Archer GIFs