The Best Moments And Most Repeatable Lines From The ‘Justified’ Series Finale

We have reached the end of road with Justified. I’m gonna miss it. And that’s all I’m composed enough to express at the moment, so let’s just get to the GIFs.

Raylan had to drive with someone carrying a familiar tone.

However, Art came through.

Going back to Boyd, who is taking an ACME approach to dealing with law enforcement.

He did get his revenge on Avery, though.

We actually found something scarier that a clean shaven Sam Elliott.

Ava was saved by the bullet count.

He had some demands.

After Ava explained herself…

… Boyd forced Raylan’s hand.

It was mighty tempting.

But nope, the Marshals took care of that.

And everyone left Harlan alive…


At least someone here isn’t wimping out of a duel with Raylan.

And here we go…

Loretta made sure we’ve seen the last of Boon.

But what of Raylan?

Well, he’s still alive.

Though Ava chose a good time to get out of Dodge.

The Marshals’ office got one final goodbye.

As did Raylan’s hat.

Flash forward four years, and we saw a calmer Raylan in Florida.

And on a hunch, he went off to California to find a certain fugitive.

We found out how Ava escaped…

… and what her accomplice was up to…

… and her big secret.

All that led to one final meeting with Raylan and Boyd.

Look, people are gonna hold many different opinions about time jumps, characters leaving Harlan alive, and a lack of Dairy Queen ownerships/whatever favorite character may not have been seen one last time. But I’d be mighty aplexed to come up with a better final scene than what we got.