10.16.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” yesterday, and even though he was gift-wrapped a clue specifically about his most famous line from Airplane!, he still completely biffed it.

For $400, up came: “Tell your old man to drag this ’70s UCLA & Trail Blazer center (& Lanier!) up & down the court for 48 minutes.”

The winning response would have been “Who is Bill Walton?” Instead, he answered “Who is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?”

The quote was originally uttered about Walton, by Abdul-Jabbar, who apparently doesn’t remember which NBA teams he played for. [He only ever played for the Bucks and Lakers. -Ed.]

The video’s below, and the absolute best part is the way Alex Trebek shouts “NO!” at him. Like Trebek can’t believe he has a job where he has to deal with such stupid people. You think you gotta deal with stupid people, Trebek? Try reading Variety and Michael Ausiello all day.


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