Kat Dennings And Beth Behrs Won This Game Of ‘Password’ On ‘The Tonight Show’ By Showing Up

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs did not win this game of Password against Jimmy Fallon and Rob Lowe on The Tonight Show. In fact, they were terrible at the actual game. I am a dirty, dirty liar for saying that. But what I was really getting at is how likable and enjoyable they are on the screen. Doesn’t matter if they suck at the game and Jimmy Fallon doesn’t like to lose on his own show (I assume), and it doesn’t matter that Rob Lowe is a charming fellow with a lot of doppelgangers to kill. Behrs and Dennings are fun and have fun together.

That said, Lowe and Fallon essentially made this game and owned it until both teams got to the word ‘cringe’. Nobody can figure it out until the very last moment, which is fitting because you know some people were probably cringing at home.

I always like when Fallon pulls out the classic TV game shows to play around with celebrities, even when he’s turning a classic Price Is Right game into a tainted drunken version. Bring back Press Your Luck or The Match Game, though. Those were made for celebrities to pop up on, and I’d actually enjoy seeing that instead of some drinking game.

(Via The Tonight Show)