Kat Dennings Tells Letterman How She Used Her Assets To Cut In Line At The Emergency Room

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02.25.14 9 Comments

The last time Kat Dennings stopped by the late night circuit, Beth Behrs turned her breasts into a comedic playground. This time she’s making the rounds solo on Letterman, but her assets are still front and center.

And by assets, I mean her fame! Get your head out of the gutter, Francis. My head is already occupying all of that space anyway.

But yes, Kat Dennings allowed her fame to bust her to the front of the line and she felt terrible about it. Luckily Dave is there to let her know that’s how it is supposed to be in life. The streets of the world are paved with the low and helpless for the stars to bleed on along the way to emergency room bliss.

Don’t mind me, Ms. Dennings! Just got a bit of plague, I’ll be fine in a jiffy.

At least she looks fantastic. I bet even covered in blood, she just looks fantastic. I need help.

(Via The Late Show)

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