Kate Gosselin And Her Daughters Delivered The Most Awkward Interview Of The Day

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01.16.14 22 Comments

“Cara and Mady want to set the record straight of what life was like ‘Growing Up Gosselin’” is how this segment on Today was set up, but it’s not really how it turned out. There are probably millions of people on this planet with something new and worthwhile that they could contribute to civilization through a television appearance, but instead the folks at Today wanted to see what Kate Gosselin and her twin daughters are up to, because it beats the hell out of being creative, I guess.

Fortunately for us, Mady and Cara seem about as impressed by their mother as the majority of the American public is, and that’s what led to this morning’s incredibly awkward interview. Neither girl really seemed like she had much to say, and while Mady was at least willing to smile, Cara looked like she would have rather been anywhere else on the planet. The fun begins right away as Mady has difficulty expressing her thoughts, and Kate snaps and demands, “Mady, your words.”

Try not to strangle your monitor while watching this.

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