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She unhinges her jaw when it’s time to feed

Sure, Kate Gosselin seems like a domineering bitchy control freak on “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” but you know how reality TV is always edited to make people into one-dimensional characters.  I’m sure in real life she’s actually a very sweet, laid-back person… who fired 40 assistants in three months.

Baby nurse Angela Krall, who watched the sextuplets as infants for more than a year, tells Us that the short-fused Kate fired 40 nurses and nurse’s aides in the three months before she was hired…

Krall reveals that Kate posted “demeaning” signs in every room detailing rules, and fired one woman on the spot for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. “Kate flipped,” says Krall. “She thought it was cross-contamination.”

That level of perfectionism also tore her apart from her father, Kenton Kreider, a pastor, after he gave her cribs donated by his parishioners. “They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,” says a family source.

Keep in mind that three months is 90 days, so really it’s not that bad.  I mean, who hasn’t gone through a stretch of time where they’ve fired 2-3 people a week for three months?

Also, this story comes on the heels of her brother saying that she “gave husband Jon a contract saying he could date others as long as he showed up for filming” of their show, which is probably the nicest thing she’s ever done.  You know what I’m thinking?  Hitler probably wouldn’t have killed millions of Jews if he had to take care of eight kids.

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