Kate McKinnon Starts Bawling When She Thinks About Hillary Clinton Becoming President

10.04.16 2 years ago 8 Comments


Donald Trump might not be “the most evil, racist, mutant piece of crap that ever walked,” according to Michael Che, but that doesn’t mean he has Kate McKinnon’s support, let alone her vote. While certain current and former SNL cast members, including Che, Colin Jost, and Jimmy Fallon, are half-heartedly defending and vigorously rubbing Trump, the Ghostbusters star is crying tears of joy thinking about Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and how she might become the first woman in the show’s history to play the president.

“I had not thought about it in those terms until this moment,” McKinnon told Rolling Stone. “Not my involvement in it, but just – what’s that moment gonna be like? How hard are we gonna cry? I could cry just thinking about how hard we’re gonna cry when it happens.” She later added, “Progress, real progress, makes me cry harder than anything, when the world itself grows.” It’s hard to imagine McKinnon’s already sky-high stock going up even further — not after Ghostbusters, her Emmy win, and the mega-viral cold open with Alec Baldwin as Trump — unless Clinton was elected president. She’s already arguably SNL‘s most talented cast member since Will Ferrell; she might soon be nearly as popular. (Step Brothers 2, with McKinnon and Kristen Wiig as Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s step-sisters: make it happen.)

Make America Kate (McKinnon) Again.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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