Katherine Heigl Stars In… A Brand New Cat Litter Commercial!

Katherine Heigl, who once turned down consideration for an Emmy nomination because she “did not feel that I was given the material this season [on Grey’s Anatomy] to warrant it” and who slammed Knocked Up as “a little sexist,” is back with a brand new role. The actress is starring as “the therapist” in this Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care®, in which she counsels a distraught cat owner whose companion named Duke Meowington wants nothing to do with her.

Therapist Heigl (since her character’s name is never revealed) tells the woman that Duke Meowington feels as though she’s been ignoring his needs, and asks how that makes her feel. It’s a familiar struggle that many of us in an owner-pet relationship can probably identify with.

Mrs. Meowington implores Heigl that she gives Duke treats and takes care of the litter box — which sends a red flag to the seasoned psychoanalyst, who recommends that the couple try Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® to try to work on their issues.

I think there is a valuable a lesson for all of us to be learned here, and that is: if you come at The Shonda you best not miss. 2008 Katherine Heigl? 2016 Katherine Heigl would like a word.

(Via Jezebel)