Kathryn Hahn Loved ‘Hamboning It’ In ’WandaVision’ To Give You All Those Memes

WandaVision has come and gone but the quiet star of he show would like you to know that, if she had her way, there would have been more meme-worthy moments from her character if she had her way.

Kathryn Hahn, who as we already have established does not miss, really loved “hamboning it” up as the neighbor pulling the puppet strings of some important creatures in WandaVision. In a delightful interview with the New York Times, Hahn described just how much she enjoyed breaking the fourth wall and messing around despite her character, for much of the show, needing to play a straight-laced housewife who is very much not in on the bit. That kind of work as a nosy neighbor was, for her, the highlight of filming in a Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s often extremely self-serious.

My husband put it perfectly. He was like, seeing you in the sitcom portion of the show, I saw the you that I saw in college. I haven’t seen that part of you in so long — just you, hamboning it. It was so fun to be able to let go in those ways. At the end of every episode, we would try to shoot a little extra portion of it for the theme song [the “Agatha All Along” sequence]. So I could play directly to the camera and that would always make us laugh so hard.

It was also very interesting because [in the sitcom homages] we were all putting these roles on, on top of who we really were. It was so interesting to get to the last couple of episodes, where you see our true selves, who were actually very done-up and very big. And it felt very vulnerable to be at that scale. Those scenes between Lizzie and I, before Wanda embraced herself as the Scarlet Witch and she was still in her sweatpants, I think Agatha and Kathryn were very jealous.

The rest of the interview talks about her odd hobby of doing trapeze, what entering the MCU does for her indie cred, and how much she loved that she got to sing her own theme song. She’s also very appreciative that WandaVision ultimately told the story of some very strong women, and went into detail about something we don’t often see in comic book movies.

I was so turned on by the ambition and had mad respect for the fact that it is a superhero story that is ultimately about grief. And that there are so many women involved. And I love a witch, I really do.

There was also some other important news revealed on Monday, too.