The Best Parts Of The Best Kenny Powers GIF, Ranked

09.27.13 12 Comments


Eastbound & Down returns this Sunday for its fourth and final season. The GIF you see above was taken from the first official trailer. It is the best Kenny Powers GIF, which is saying something, because there have been many, many great Kenny Powers GIFs. I will now rank the Top 5 parts of it:

5) Kenny’s t-shirt. Tucking your t-shirt into your jeans is generally not advisable unless you are a 50-year-old suburban dad and it is a Saturday afternoon, but exceptions can be made in extreme circumstances. I think we can all agree “Kenny Powers dancing next to a child who is firing an automatic weapon” is an extreme circumstance. Also, if the shirt was untucked no one would see the gold belt buckle that matches his bracelet and chain, and then what’s even the point of any of it, you know?

4) The fact that a child is firing an automatic weapon. I’m cool with if it Kenny’s cool with it. Kenny appears to be very cool with it.

3) Kenny’s gold gun chain. Kenny Powers has a gold chain that is shaped like a gun. Please make a note.

2) The fact that the action is taking place in front of a backyard clubhouse with a blue plastic slide. There are many things to look forward to about the upcoming season of Eastbound & Down. Figuring out what the hell is happening here is at the top of my list.

1) The Kenny Powers Shimmy. Number one with a bullet. Or many bullets. Fired from a gun held by a child. In front of a plastic slide.

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