Kevin Malone And His Famous Chili Have Inspired An Incredible Halloween Costume

10.11.18 9 months ago 3 Comments

Kevin Malone is one of the best characters from the U.S. version of The Office. One of the strongest arguments for his Office GOAT status is the cold open from the season 5 episode “Casual Friday.” That is the one where Kevin famously brought his “Kevin’s Famous Chili” to the office and promptly dropped it on the floor. (Spoiler alert?)

It is a classic bit that deserves to be remembered in many different ways on the Internet. Last year Mike Schur and Alan Sepinwall used it as an example during a discussion about the art of the cold open. Back in January 2017, a YouTube chef Binging with Babish recreated “Kevin’s Famous Chili” and got over 4 million views. Half of those were Andy Bernard reading comments, but still. This is excellent Internet content.

And now we have this seasonally appropriate take on Kevin and his chili. adam.the.creator created this incredible (and currently fake) baby costume as part of a series of children’s costumes that don’t — but probably should — exist.

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Perfect for a casual Friday👌

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Such a great fake. It even follows the vaguely specific Halloween costume branding trick of using every word to describe a character without using the actual name because you don’t have the rights. Thus, you get “Paper company accountant spilling a pot of chili for baby.” When half the babies you know are dressed in this exact costume next year, you’ll know whose idea this was.

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