Kevin Nealon Reminisced About Being Stuck In The ‘Friend Zone’ Prior To His Relationship With Jan Hooks

Kevin Nealon was a guest on The Howard Stern Show this morning, and during a conversation about regrets regarding those who have passed (notably Robin Williams, who Stern regrets being an “immature asshole” to), the conversation segued to Jan Hooks. Hooks, as we know, tragically passed away at the age of 57 in October after battling cancer. Following her passing, Nealon tweeted a tribute to his former girlfriend, whom he dated back in the ’80s.

Not much was previously known about the relationship between Nealon and Hooks, so Nealon recounted to Stern how the two comedians became friends after meeting on an audition. Nealon waited it out in the friend-zone for years before they finally got together romantically. Typical Nealon. The couple eventually went on to date for two years, with their breakup being extra uncomfortable thanks to the pair also being Saturday Night Live cast mates. Fortunately, Nealon and Hooks remained friends over the years, and still kept in touch up until her death.