What About These ‘Key & Peele’ Sketches That Could Be Movies, Though?

Key & Peele
has given us one of the great comedy duos of our time, and likely the best sketch show since Chappelle’s Show. Now with the show nearing its end, you have to wonder where the duo will go next. Key and Peele said they might like to make some movies and they’re already making the Substitute Teacher sketch into a movie, so is it possible that other sketches might make the jump? If that happens, here’s a few potentials.

East/West College Bowl

The world needs a remake of the classic(?) ’90s college football comedy Necascarry Roughness and it needs the film to feature Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar, Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon, Dan Smith, and the rest. Basically, we’re talking about a mix between the hard hitting football of something like Friday Night Lights and the absolute insanity of Blue Mountain State. You’re welcome, Hollywood.


Meegan is basically that girl (or guy) that we all dated who overreacted to everything, much to our chagrin. If you haven’t had one of those relationships, then you’re probably Meegan. A movie with Meegan putting her boyfriend in increasingly ridiculous situations before he either leaves or she changes could definitely be worth a watch. Or hey, let’s stay on the remake train. Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger’s Blind Date could use a refresh, no?

Shaboots and T-Ray

These two are delivering real talk to men about all sorts of lady problems. A movie that’s a cross between School for Scoundrels and the Chapelle’s Show Player Haters sketches could be a lot of fun. It’s only after besting Shaboots and T-Ray in a contest for a woman that you’ve truly become the master.

Luther – Anger Translator

A sketch so successful that it even crossed over into the real world. You could continue the Obama angle and have Luther continue to help Obama let the people know how he really feels, something like The King’s Speech, but with a lot more angry yelling and intense stares. Or you could have Luther help a quiet man or child be more comfortable with sharing how he really feels about things. As long as Luther’s yelling, we’re in for a good time.

The Valets

What about this sketch, though? These two excitable guys talk about everything from Non-Stop, racist Melly Gibsons, and whether a pretend bird can mess with The Batmans. If we’re turning any sketch into a movie, this has got to be it. Think of it as a cross between Tower Heist and Die Hard with these guys having to stop something big from going down at the hotel. Who’s the villain? LIAM NEESONS!