Key & Peele’s Version Of Obama’s Victory Speech Involves The MC Hammer Dance

Shortly after Roseanne Barr was tragically denied becoming the 45th President of the United States of America (though losing by 59,252,248 votes is nothing to be ashamed of) Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele fame, released a video in support of the candidate who actually won. I think his name is “Obama,” but that’s probably what the lamestream WANTS me to believe. (His victory speech, ICYMI, is here.)

Either way, the clip below shows “Obama” and his anger translator Luther (one of Key & Peele‘s best recurring characters) reacting to the news not with a Ben Wyatt-style mic drop, but with dance moves courtesy of MC Hammer, which is the way people should respond to everything from now on. Obviously the video was filmed before “Obama” officially won, but if he had lost, and Roseanne or Mitt Romney took home the crown instead (presidents get crowns, right?), would Comedy Central have done what the NFL does with t-shirts for the team that doesn’t win the Super Bowl, and send the footage overseas? Sketch comedy is HUGE in Uganda.