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The Kids in the Hall, the Canadian comedy troupe that launched Dave Foley’s career, will reunite for a comedic murder-mystery series on Canada’s CBC.  Variety says:

Five members of the gender-bending comedy outfit, whose eponymous sketch comedy show ran on CBS and HBO in the first half of the 1990s, star in “Death Comes to Town.” […]

Directed by Kelly Makin, who helmed the original “Kids in the Hall” series and movie, “Brain Candy,” the series is about what happens in a small town when all its most distinguished citizens are murdered. A suspect is arrested, there’s a trial and many dark secrets are revealed along the way.

This is excellent news, even though I don’t get CBC, so this doesn’t really affect me until Comedy Central buys distribution rights for U.S. audiences.  But still: Kids in the Hall, man.  Kids in the Hall and “The State” were the cornerstones of offbeat humor in the ’90s.  I still put my index finger and thumb in front of my eye and pretend I’m crushing someone’s head.

Below: my favorite KitH skit.

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