Kirsten Dunst Ate So Much Cheese And Bread To Gain Weight For ‘Fargo’

Kirsten Dunst stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel Monday, promoting the rootin’ tootin’ premiere of Fargo season two, which also aired Monday night. (Read our review here if you somehow missed out.) Being that the series is supposed to be set in South Dakota, where fit Hollywood bodies need not apply, Dunst recalls the process of gaining weight for the role. In a nutshell, she says she stayed in bed watching Friday Night Lights eating pizza and grilled cheese for months while they shot in frigid Calgary. Basically, she ate anything involving cheese and bread, which honestly sounds grand to me.

Honestly though, I didn’t notice Dunst gain weight so much during the premiere as I did her co-star Jesse Plemons, who certainly seems to have filled out for the role. He definitely embodies a guy who eats a lot of Hamburger Helper and tater tots, that’s for damn sure.

Speaking of Plemons, Dunst also says she brought her Friday Night Lights binge obsession to the set with her, where he regaled her with all kinds of stories from behind-the-scenes. Come on lady, you can’t just tease Friday Night Lights cast hookups and not deliver. WHO WAS BANGING WHOM??