Kristen Schaal Is a Horse (Plus Links)

12.14.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

This clip from the BBC’s “Comedy Shuffle” is really stupid, yet I laughed anyway. [via @TreyKirby]

Viral video of the day: 270 movies in six minutes, the filmography of 2010. [FilmDrunk]

Playboy does Tron. Whaddaya know, tits and ass really improve all that weird blue light stuff. [Gamma Squad]

The best Brett Favre Photoshop I’ve seen in a long while. [With Leather]

Pictured: headless horseman Corgi. [JuliaSegal]

Duncan Hines pulls allegedly racist commercial. I dunno, I love calling out blackface, but this seemed pretty harmless to me. [eurweb]

Alison Brie is reading your tweets. [imgur]

Not as big as the ScarJo-Ryan Reynolds news, but “Dexter” stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are divorcing. At least she waited until after he recovered from cancer to file papers. [Popeater]

Hugh Jackman injured during Sydney Opera House zipline stunt on “Oprah.” Watch below.

[via NY Mag. Of course, there’s already a Magneto remix.]

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