Kristen Wiig And Harry Styles Got A Little Freaky To The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Soundtrack

After the party is the Saturday Night Live after-party, and in the wee hours of Sunday morning, things got a little crazy and fun for SNL alum Kristen Wiig and One Direction’s Harry Styles. Now, before any of the rabid and sometimes-terrifying One Directioners start freaking out and threatening the actress, this seems to have been all in good fun. But when you hear that Wiig and Styles busted out some moves and even got a little close on top of a table while the Dirty Dancing soundtrack played, the mind tends to wander to more salacious imagery.

Alas, based on the limited footage provided by onlookers who rushed to upload videos to their Instagram accounts, we may never know what happened next for this unlikely couple. Did Styles successfully perform the lift on Wiig? Did this all begin when Styles sternly declared to Lorne Michaels that “Nobody puts Gilly in a corner”? Did things get naughty at the after-after-party, with Wiig helping Mick Jagger 2.0 out of his oversized hat, baggy gold shirt and extra small pants? Probably not, but without any proof to the contrary, it’s our job to assume they’re now having a sordid affair.

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