Kurt Sutter’s Greatest Hits Of Angry, Obscene, And Downright Hilarious Tweets

The thing about Sons of Anarchy ending after seven season is that its showrunner, Kurt Sutter, isn’t going anywhere. Thank God for that, because nobody — and I mean no one — speaks his mind on Twitter with as much passion, honesty, and ager than Kurt Sutter. To Kurt Sutter, the word c*nt is like a preposition: Just an everyday, every sentence kind of word. That man has no regard for social norms or etiquette, whether it comes to Emmy voters, critics, or even colleagues.

Kurt Sutter gives no f**ks, and that’s why he may be the most entertaining man in Hollywood on Twitter.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of his greatest hits. To be honest, I could’ve gone on for a lot longer, but after a while, the word c*nt starts to lose all meaning.