Hold On To Your Pasties Because Lady Gaga Is Returning To ‘American Horror Story’

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Everything is coming up Lady Gaga! On the heels of acclaimed performances at both the Oscars and the Super Bowl, as well as her first Golden Globes win, Gaga confirmed Friday that she will be returning to American Horror Story during an interview with New York City’s Z100. After spending a few minutes speaking out about her emotional Oscars performance dedicated to sexual assault victims, as well as being a survivor herself, Gaga was asked about any upcoming projects and whether she’ll be coming back for more for the FX horror anthology, to which she hesitantly responded, “Mmm… Yes!”

She elaborated by saying, “I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that,” but obviously if there’s a hard confirmation already, it sounds likely that she’ll be coming back for season six. With no details yet, we’ll just have to speculate on those hows and whens, but with Jessica Lange thinking about dipping her toe back into the AHS waters… Wouldn’t it be amazing to get them both next season? It would be like a dang showdown between Godzilla and Mothra! (And that would make Emma Roberts… I don’t know? What’s the least effective Kaiju monster?) A girl can dream.

At any rate, fans are already pretty stoked:

(Via Z100 Radio)