Larry David Was Bothered By One Change He Encountered During His ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Return

Larry David’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night was almost the best appetizer for more Curb Your Enthusiasm you could find. Sure, you could always pop in the old seasons and relive every awkward moment and complaint, but this short appearance gives you the crash course in what might happen once the show returns in October. Kimmel is apparently on the show, so their familiarity was no real surprise. It also wasn’t surprising that David had an issue with the greeting he didn’t get back stage, something he enjoyed from his previous visit.

It highlights something that everybody should do their best to combat: the double hello and the double goodbye. Commit to a singular, firm hello and goodbye strategy and you’ll be better off in life and the salutation will be more meaningful. You also have to enjoy how David is a fan of the word machination and Kimmel’s proper use of the word. It’s just not something you’re going to get in many other interviews.

But the real draw for the interview is David’s take on his return to HBO for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. While he plays it off as too much of a personal question, ribbing Kimmel for his Barbara Walters-like question, he just says he felt it was time. He wanted to come back for it. His only regret seems to be how the insults have changed from being about his baldness — the one thing he is most proud of in his life it seems — to being old.

“The bald bastard used to make laugh, but the old bastard, oh god. I didn’t like that at all…Because I’m older now, this is what they’ve picked up on!”

After all of this, David tries to show some bravery and says he will join Kimmel for his next segment with Dave Salmoni. This comes before the commercial break and before Salmoni comes onto the stage with a very annoyed mountain lion. As soon as the cat starts biting and clawing at Salmoni’s face, David immediately gets up from the couch, shakes Kimmel’s hand, and leaves the area.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)