Last Night’s ‘Hoarders’ Was About A Woman With 100 Dead Cats In Her Fridge

For as much as we lambaste “decay of Western civilization” Honey Boo Boo and her paunchy parents, at least they (probably) don’t have a hundred liquefied felines stinking up and making puddles around their dirt shack. Unlike the “star” of last night’s Hoarders premiere, Terry, who gives a bad name to cat ladies everywhere.

“I really feel like the reason I collect cats is that I have this feeling in me that I’m helping save something,” Terry said. A glance around her living space soon proved that Terry wasn’t saving cats or herself the way she was living. Floors and counters were covered in excrement and sick animals crawled over the scene.

“The complete number is probably about 50 cats,” she guessed. But that low-estimate only included the living cats, and the dead ones outnumbered them by far. “I probably have, in frozen and refrigerated cats, between 75 and 100 — if not more,” Terry said.

Terry had hoped to have them all cremated, but finances didn’t allow for that, so over time, she “saved” them all in the appliance, which wasn’t up to the task of preserving the cats. In fact, once the cleanup was underway, the “Hoarders” crew discovered that many of the cats had liquefied. (Via)

The whole thing’s horrifying: Terry explains that her dad died in front of her when she was young, so she’s never been able to comprehend death; there are dozens of closeups of flattened cats; Terry breaks down into a sobbing mess; the phrase “dead cat juice…dead liquid cats” is used. But if you’re the kind of person who’s still reading this and wants to watch the episode, you can see it here, preferably while listening to this.

It adds a certain lightness to a situation that’s otherwise as dim as the “pool of liquid as dark as coffee” known as “cat juice.” But seriously, hug your pets tonight, guys. Just not too tight.

(Via Today)